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What should be considered before having a pet?

If you are planning to have a new family member in the form of a pet, then you must be aware about the responsibilities it brings with him/her. Having a pet is not a big thing but to take care of a pet is a big responsibility. It is worth to say pet owners as pet parents because having a pet will be like having a baby and taking care of its needs like care, food, healthcare, welfare, etc.

You should consider the following factors before having a pet

  •         TIME:

o   You should be able to give time to your pet. For your pet it is the most important and joyful thing to spend time with you.

  •         SPACE:

o   There should be a separate space in your home for your dog/pet.

  •          ACCEPTANCE:

o   Each and every family member of your family should be ready to accept dog/pet as a new family member otherwise neither you nor your pet will be able to live happily in the home.

  •          COST:

o   You should be able to spend extra money on healthcare, grooming, nutrition, etc. of your pet. You should consider extra budget for the welfare and basic needs of your dog/pet.

  •         OUTINGS

o   You will not be able to put your pet/dog home alone for whole night. At least one family member should be present to take care of your pet. You can consider pet hostel/ pet boarding but some dogs/pets might not get adopt to the conditions in the pet hostel. They might not be friendly to the other dogs/pets in the hostel.

                            Only after considering the above things you should think to have a pet. Having a pet is a responsibility. If answers to the above questions is yes then only you should consider to have a pet. If you want to get any expert advice about which kind of dog/pet you should have, about healthcare tips or any questions related to the healthcare of your dog/pet you can contact our expert vets from our website Here we provide holistic care for your pet. If you have decided that you are going to have a pet, then we wish you the happy pet parenting. To read more about which kind of dog/pet you should have? What are the characteristics? or behaviour you should consider while buying a puppy? And lot more, follow us on instagram and facebook and do comment on what more things you want to know.

Which type of pet you should have?

                            If you have considered all points before getting a pet and decided that you will have a pet and you will be able to take care of your pet then next question comes to your mind is which dog should I have? It did not have a straight forward answer it depends on the purpose for which you are getting a dog.

  •  To keep your dog at home:

If you want to have a dog for keeping it at home then ideally it should be of small size. Again it depends and changes from individual to individual. Some examples of small size breed are chau chau, lhasa apso, etc.

  •  For the protection and guarding your home:

For protecting of guarding your home you could opt for medium size breeds like cocker spaniel, coolie, etc.

  • For the protection of bungalow, factory or farm house:

You can choose heavy and large breed of dogs for protecting the bungalows, factories or farm houses. E.g. Doberman, Boxer, German Shepherd, Dalmatian, etc.

                                On the basis of above discussion you might have decided that which kind of dog you are going to have. Now you must have a question that I have decided to buy a particular breed of dog but what should I look into to ensure that that particular breed is pure breed and not a mixed one or you might have a question that whether you should buy a male or a female or a puppy or a mature dog? We will discuss about all the points step by step. If you have any query or question regarding dog selection you could contact our expert veterinarian to decide which dog is the best for you from our website

Which characteristics of a dog you should look into?

                            Before buying a dog you should have an idea about the normal body coat, colour, posture, shape of the body, temperament, etc. of the breed you want to buy. For that you could visit the dog shows. There you will have the fair idea about the normal characteristics of the breed you want to buy. Talking with the people who already have same kind of breed could be beneficial. You could also consult a vet to have a more idea about the breed you want to have.

  1.        Size
  2.       Shape of the body
  3.        Height
  4.        Colour of the body coat
  5.        Temperament

You should ensure that the dog you are buying is KCI registered dog, vaccine history should also be considered, you should have a body check up by the veterinary doctor to ensure that it does not have any health issues, dog breeder should be a registered one. If you want to gain more knowledge about dog breeds you could consult expert veterinarians on our site

Whether you should buy a male or female?

                             People prefer female over male dogs. However, there are some factors that you should consider before deciding whether you should have male or female dog.

  1.            There might be some difficulties during heat period when male dogs try to copulate with female.
  2.            There is no difference in intelligence, honesty, etc between male and female dog.
  3.            Male dog has high cost for exercise, food and day to day activities over the female dog.

On the basis of above points you can decide whether you will have male dog or female dog. You could contact a veterinary doctor to decide which one male or female will suit your personality and conditions of your home.

Puppies should be preferred over adult dogs

                              After deciding whether a male or female you will have you will have the question that whether you will have puppy or an adult dog. You should have puppy over the adult dog because of the following reasons

  1.          Puppies acclimatise easily to the people, environment and behaviour of family members.
  2.          Big adult dogs might threaten babies in the house.
  3.             Adult dogs could not get easily acclimatised to the home and people around it.

                              So it is advisable to have a puppy over an adult dog. For more information you could visit our website

What should be considered before selecting a puppy?

                            Selection of a puppy is very important thing. You should have the basic knowledge about that what characters you should look before buying a puppy?

  1.  It should have peculiar characteristics of a particular breed
  2.            You should ask about the mother and father of the puppy and if possible you should look them so that you will have a fair idea how puppy will look like in the future
  3.            Both mother and father of the puppy should be registered in the local kennel club
  4.      Puppy should be qualified for registration in dog breeder association
  5.            You should have idea about how many times the mother of the puppy have given babies. After giving babies for more than three times in a row, the puppies of the fourth litter will not have a satisfactory growth of bones
  6.            You should buy puppy only after weaning (link)
  7.            Vaccination status of the mother of the puppy should be checked
  8.            Deworming of the mother should have been done otherwise there are possibilities that puppy will have worms.

So after knowing about characteristics, body structure, vaccination status, deworming status of both the puppy and the mother you should buy a puppy. Now, you should have question whether the puppy you are buying is healthy or not? What should you look into to determine the health of the puppy?

Determining health of the puppy

It is very much important that the puppy you are buying is healthy otherwise, you may end up in paying hospital bills or sometimes death of the puppy. Following things should be observed to ensure that puppy is healthy.

  1. Puppy should be active. E.g. running here and there, running fast towards the breasts of the mother.
  2.           It should have clean and shining eyes. Both the eyes should have same colour.
  3.           Nose should be clean and no liquid should not come from the nostrils.
  4.           No smell should come from eyes.
  5.           Colour of teeth gums should be light pink.
  6.           Umbilical area should not have any swelling.
  7.            All four legs should be examined. Walking of the puppy should be normal. There must not be any incoordination during walking.
  8.           Puppy should not have diarrhoea.
  9.           Mouth should be closed properly.
  10.           Tail must not have any abnormalities.
  11.           Skin should be glistening and shining. There must not be any swelling on skin.
  12.      Foot and footpad should be examined properly for the presence of ticks or swelling.

                               Only after proper checking for the above mentioned points you should bring puppy home. You should have proper papers of registration of the puppy, information about the parents of the puppy and health check-up certificate. You should have phone number of a veterinary doctor for the emergency veterinary care. If you want to know more about how to check for the healthy puppy you should consult expert veterinary doctors on our website



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